New Beginnings Church Assessment

New Beginnings Assessment Report

On June 4, 2013, an assessor with New Beginnings (, InHo Kim, met with a group of Valley members, participants, and staff to launch the beginning of this formal church assessment, and to help the church discern where God is leading us into the future.

From that initial meeting, a report was created to help us think about who we are, where we are, what our mission is, how we serve God and our community, and all the details in between. The report includes facts, opinions, suggestions, and resources. The report is not exhaustive or "perfect," but we hope it will help us in the next stage of this assessment process: our discussion groups.

A full copy of the report is here: 
New Beginnings Church Assessment Report
Please note: The database of participants we provided to our assessor, unfortunately, did not include our children and youth. So, you will note, the "General Populations" chart and information, found on page 11, is not accurate for our church in this time and place. 
Also, please note that financial information given for "2013" was provided prior to June 4, 2013, so the numbers reflected in the chart on page 32 for the year 2013 are for a partial year only (4-5 months)!
*There are likely other errors in the report, but we hope that the information gathered and presented will help us in our discussion groups. We hope that the report will spark new and imaginative conversations about where God is leading Valley Community Presbyterian Church!