Vital Congregation Conversations

Spirit-Inspired Worship

Brad Carlson - Fifth Mark: Spirit-Inspired Worship

Empower Servant Leadership

Carolyn Stennett - Fourth Mark: Empower Servant Leadership

Outward Incarnational Focus

Connie Brenner - Third Mark: Outward Incarnational Focus

Intentional Authentic Evangelism

Valerie Conner - Second Mark: Intentional Authentic Evangelism

Vital Congregations Survey Summary

Dear Members and Friends of Valley Community Presbyterian Church,
Every few years during the life of a congregation it is important for the members and staff to take a step back, reflect on where God has brought them, and then listen for where God is leading them next. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has developed the “Vital Congregations Initiative”, a two-year program to help us through this process. Whether we decide to cultivate our strengths or build up areas in which we are least strong, or to stay as we are, is up to us.
The “Vital Congregations Initiative” is our compass guiding us intentionally along a plotted course discovering what is most important to our Valley family. You might want to think of this as “Valley’s perception of self.”
The Vital Congregations Survey completed in December has begun the mapping of our journey, where we are now and gleaning ideas of where we want to go. We have attached a summary as well as the complete, detailed report for you. 
There will be opportunities encouraging your continual input every step of the way participating in town halls, bible studies, and other venues.  We have also set up an email account as another avenue for you to give the task force your ideas and thoughts: [email protected]
The First year (2020) we will embark on an honest assessment capturing our unique story, confessing their realities, and discerning the Spirit’s call to action.  We will be addressing the Seven Marks of Vital Congregations:
1.  Lifelong Discipleship Formation
2.  Intentional Authentic Evangelism
3.  Outward Incarnational Focus
4.  Empower Servant Leadership
5.  Spirit-Inspired Worship
6.  Caring Relationships
7.  Ecclesial Health

The Second year (2021) is about joining Christ with our journey allowing the wonder of God to transform, and faithfully living into change.  Through the Seven Marks we pray God will revitalize our church in missional action and faithful discipleship in Jesus Christ throughout our neighborhoods, our nation and the world.
This is an exciting time for our Valley family to renew, envision, and live more fully into faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ!
Prayerfully submitted,
Valley’s Task Force for Vital Congregations Initiative
Rev. Jeff Binder (staff)
Michelle Blair
Lizz Brown
Glenys Craig
Polly Dye
Taylor Rawlings
Greg Russell