Mission & Service

We are called, and we have committed:
to serve God by serving others, with soup kettles and hammers,
with hands of hope and ears of understanding;
to hear and proclaim God's vision of a kingdom of peace and justice.

Mission and service in the name of Christ is part of our call. We seek to live out God's desire for us to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. We have opportunities for service and outreach in our church building, as well as outside the building, working with organizations and agencies to serve the local, national, and global community. Stewardship refers to our responsibility to manage the earth's resources; this includes our whole lives - our skills and talents, money, property, and materials. Our Board of Deacons help to carry out the ministries of care and compassion, of congregational life and service. For more information or to discover new ways you can serve, click on the links below.

At the Church

In the Community

Around the World


Ministry of the Deacons