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Decently and in Order?

Rev. Jeff Binder - June 9, 2019


Rev. Jeff Binder - June 2, 2019

Encountering the Risen Christ: Identity

Rev. Jeff Binder - Mary 26, 2019

Encountering the Risen Christ: Inclusivity

Rev. Jeff Binder - May 19, 2019

Encountering the Risen Christ

Pastor Jeff Binder - May 5, 2019

Our Spiritual Journey: Resurrection

Rev. Jeff Binder - April 21 - Easter

Our Spiritual Journey: Transformation

Rev. Jeff Binder - April 14, 2019

Our Spiritual Journey: Presence

Rev. Jeff Binder - April 7, 2019

Our Spiritual Journey: Gospel

Rev. Jeff Binder - March 31, 2019